Ask the Expert: Coloured Gemstones

As featured in the Jersey Evening Post Homelife Supplement,, Monday 26th September 2016

I'd like to propose with an engagement ring that is different, maybe with a coloured gemstone, what would you advise?

The most important consideration for a engagement ring set with a gemstone other than a diamond is the hardness of the stone. An engagement ring has to be hard wearing and durable, you are going to be wearing everyday for a very long time. Gemstones such as rubies and sapphires look great in engagement rings. Sapphires come in a variety of colours aside from blue including pink, yellow, orange, green purple and even black. Coloured centre stones with diamonds as the side stones have been popular over the past few years.

Alternatively, if you want to stick with diamonds, how about a yellow diamond? Known as a fancy coloured diamonds, yellow diamonds are very rare with only one carat in every ten thousand carats mined being a natural fancy colour diamond! It would really make a unique engagement ring for a very special person.  

Sophie Robinson, Rivoli Jewellers Senior Sales Consultant, PJ Dip. Coloured Stone Associate