Colours of Carnaval

As featured in Gallery Magazine Jersey.

Whilst Brazil maybe in the headlines this year for hosting the Football World Cup and next years summer Olympics, there are plenty of other reasons why this vast and beautiful country often makes headlines.

Besides cultural diversity, Brazil is also known for its natural beauty, from the lush jungles of the Amazon to the picturesque beaches and mountains and the incredible variety of flora and fauna. Brazilian jewellery often reflects these design inspirations not least because Brazil is one of the most significant producers of a variety of coloured gemstones, which are often incorporated into these jewellery designs. The liberal use of gemstone colour creates a bold look.

Gemstone cocktail rings set in gorgeous warm looking gold will add instant glamour and sophistication this summer and with cocktail culture all the rage a statement ring till let your fingers do the talking while you are sipping drinks. Cocktails usually carry with them connotations of celebration – a time for partying, for glamour, for enjoyment. And cocktail rings are no less celebratory.

Citrine Cocktail Ring.jpg

Rings featuring golden yellow citrine, smokey quartz, the violet purple hues of amethyst or maybe even tourmaline are a small way to add a major statement to all your gorgeous party looks. Brazilians love to mix their gemstones with gold metals especially brushed gold and rose gold giving the jewellery a contemporary and luxurious feel.

Garnet Ring.jpg

With such a variety of gemstones available how do you decide which one?  Choosing your favourite colour will ensure you lifelong enjoyment from your pieces, it may be your birthstone, it may be the folklore attached to the stone caught your imagination. Garnet for example is said to have great healing properties, amethyst is traditionally worn to ward off drunkenness and to instil a sober and serious mind or citrine is said to strengthens romantic relationships or it may simply evoke memories of warm summer days whenever you wear it.  Tourmaline, as colourful as Brazil itself its abundance of hues - more than 1000! - make this stone the richest in colours and shades. Loved by artists, designers and creative people its broad colour spectrum is said to bring great inspiration.

Mixed Stone Pendant.jpg


Whatever you are wearing this summer, make sure it bold, beautiful and colourful.