Wedding and Engagement Ring Trends 2021

2020 was the year nobody could have predicted but even though times have changed, many engagement and wedding ring styles stand the test of time and 2021 sees the classics and bespoke designs leading the way. Deb Macklin, Rivoli Jewellers explains the engagemet and wedding ring trends for 2021.


One of these is the classic Solitaire - simple and timeless – the solitaire diamond is the star of the show that is never going to go out of fashion. Available to suit all budgets, solitaire rings come in multiple sizes, shapes and metals, yellow gold is becoming increasing popular again. Solitaires are a really versatile option that will sit well with a simple plain wedding ring or a diamond set one.  You could also mix your coloured metals. Why not try a yellow or rose gold wedding ring with a white gold engagement ring? Who says they have to match!  

Rivoli Jewellers Wedding and Engagement Rings 2021.jpg


Trilogy engagement rings represent past, present and future. Whilst most rings feature three diamonds, a variety of gemstones such sapphires and rubies can be set as the centre stone or side stones. These rings are perfect for couples who have been together a long time! To ensure the perfect fit for your wedding ring make sure your engagement ring is “wedfit”, this means that your wedding ring will sit seamlessly against your engagement ring and look like they were made for each other.


The Halo ring features a centre stone surrounded by smaller diamonds. These diamonds not only enhance the centre stone but they are a stunning addition to the design. Halo designs works around pretty much any shape centre diamond with pear, oval and emerald cut centres increasingly popular.  Bespoke wedding rings work best with halo rings as the shape of the wedding ring can be tailored to your specific engagement ring.


Designing your own engagement ring is maybe the most romantic of gestures. At Rivoli we are able to work with your ideas and designs using supplied diamond(s) or sourcing them for you. Elements of a sentimental piece of jewellery can be used in designs to give your ring new sentimental value.

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Rivoli Bespoke Pear Cut Emerald Ring

Now is the time to get your jewellery box out and get your creative thoughts flowing or ask us to do it for you!  How many times have you looked in to your jewellery box, seen an old piece that you used to love but don’t wear any more, or a piece of jewellery that you’ve inherited or been gifted that is just not your style?


At Rivoli we specialise in remodelling and designing bespoke to jewellery to all budget. We are able to create pieces from scratch using stones that you have provided or we can source them for you, we can remodel pendants into rings, bracelets into pendants and much more.



Rivoli Bespoke_Emerald Ring.jpg

This beautiful pear-shaped emerald and diamond ring was remodelled from a pendant and remounted on a thin 18ct gold band in a more contemporary style.  Our customer was delighted with the outcome has found that she now gets a lot more wear out of this lovely piece of jewellery.

Rivoli Bespoke Emerald Pendant.jpg

What have you got in your jewellery box that could be given a new lease of life?


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We are also doing what app video and zoom consultations so our team and designer can chat with you face to face about your ideas and our designs for you.

Rivoli Bespoke 55ct Green Beryl

This 55ct emerald cut Green Beryl, belongs to a Jersey-based gem collector who brought some of her collection in-store to discuss with our jewellery designer.

An 18ct gold "enhancer" was designed so that the Green Beryl could be clipped on and off the customer's favourite string of south sea pearls. The customer also wanted to add a touch of purple to the creation and Rivoli sourced some very rare purple diamonds to be set into the enhancer loop.



The piece has an intricate hinge system so has the versatility to be taken on and off the pearl string and worn on a long chain or an 18ct collar.

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Engagement Ring Trends 2020


It looks like 2020 is shaping up to be the Year of Love. Not only is it a leap year, where women can traditionally propose to their man on the 29th February,  a record number of weddings are booked to be celebrated and we’re yet to see how many men choose to get down on one knee and pop the all important question.

He said "Yes!"
Let’s start with the Leap Year – would you give a man an engagement ring? A quick search on instragram and you’ll find some inspiration for mens engagement rings made from a variety of metals and featuring everything from clear or even black diamonds though to dark blue sapphires in a band or signet ring style setting. They can even double up as a wedding ring at a later date for men who don’t want to wear multiple rings. Are you brave enough to pop the question?

Womens Engagement Ring Trends 2020

Rivoli Halo Engagement Rings.jpg

Women’s engagement ring trends are set to evolve. Halo style rings continue to be extremely popular; they offer lots of sparkle as the centre stone is surrounded by smaller diamonds. These diamonds not only enhance the centre stone but they are a stunning addition to the design. Halo rings often have vintage design appeal and offer a lot of sparkle!

This year, we’ll see the halo rings move to oval, tear drop and marquise shapes as well as featuring gemstones such as sapphires and rubies in the centre as an alternative to diamonds

Rivoli Love Heart Engagement Ring.jpg

The romance of a diamond solitaire engagement ring is never going to wane. Rivol’s own Solitaire Engagment Rings – The Rivoli Love Heart Collection, designed in house by Deb Mackin, offers a beautiful twist on classic engagement ring settings with its hidden heart cradling the single diamond. 

Design Your Own Engagement Ring
Personalisation and bespoke design is also an option that is increasing popular and set to grow as an engagement ring trend in 2020.

Whether customers have their own design, gemstone that they’d like incorporating or resetting or want to design an engagement ring with the help of our team, it’s all possible with Rivoli’s bespoke design service.

As the 2019 Bridal Jewellery Retailer of the Year, Rivoli has extensive knowledge of engagement ring trends and will happily share our experience and advice with customers.

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