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New to Rivoli: Elliot Brown Watches

Rivoli is delighted to be stocking British watch brand Elliot Brown. Born from a love for the great outdoors, the co-owners immerse themselves in a coastal playground where salt water, sand and harsh knocks place huge demands on any watch. A perfect match for Jersey.

Distilling almost 20 years of experience from the world of extreme sports they threw off their career comfort blankets to develop a range of durable watches that could travel on every adventure, through every wave and look good on any occasion.

Every Elliot Brown is the result of 1000’s of hours spent obsessing over the smallest details; refining, improving, inventing, and testing. These award-winning watches shrug off harsh elements and are relied upon for ocean crossings, mountain rescues, and just about any kind of extreme or arduous adventure. Each watch must pass a rigorous testing regime including immersion in water at 200m or 300m. It’s typical of the lengths this British brand goes to, in making sure each one is ready for duty in the office or on your next adventure.


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Buy online: Elliot Brown Canford watch - £307.00

Based in Poole, Dorset, people who know the area will recognise the names of the watches. Broadstone, Canford, Tynham, Bloxworth and Kimmerage all Elliot Brown collections which pay homage to their heritage through their design and functionality.

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Buy Online: Elliot Brown Broadstone 505-001 Clipper Race UTC Limited Edition (1,000 pieces World Wide). £434.00

Rivoli Jewellers is an official stockist of Elliot Brown watches in Jersey, Channel Islands. All of the prices at Rivoli Jewellers are VAT free and worldwide shipping is available. Please call Rivoli on 01534 601930 or email [email protected] for details.