Engagement Ring Trends 2019

As winners of the UK Jewellery Award for Bridal Jewellery Retailer of the Year 2019, Rivoli Jewellers Jersey is well placed to advise on engagement ring trends.

Our team of in store at Rivoli in Jersey believe that whilst the solitaire engagement ring will continue to be a firm favourite amongst younger couples, the halo ring with its vintage feel and trilogy rings which are popular with the 35 year + age groups continue to do well. Bespoke rings which allow couples to get creative and design the ring of their dreams featuring diamonds or coloured gemstones alongside our in-house designer are growing in popularity.

Rivoli Love Heart Collection – Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings
In 2018, Rivoli launched the Rivoli Love Heart Collection. The Love Heart collection, designed by in-house designer Deb Macklin, features 18ct gold and platinum British made solitaire engagement rings with a heart setting cradling the diamond. A unique feature that adds even more romance to the diamond engagement ring.

Halo Diamond Engagement Rings
Halo engagement rings are a classic and aren’t going anywhere, they are elegant and sophisticated and offer a lot of sparkle and style. A halo design features a single central diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds, adding extra sparkle and creating a style that is similar to vintage engagement rings.

Trilogy Engagement Rings
Trilogy engagement rings represent past, present and future and are popular with couples who’ve had long engagements or have been together for a long time before finally tying the knot!

Whilst most trilogy engagement rings feature three diamonds, a variety of gemstones such sapphires and rubies can be set as the centre stone or side stones with sapphires being particularly popular at the moment.

Bespoke Rings – Design your own engagement rings
The personalisation trend has been gathering steam over the past few years and has opened up the idea of designing your own engagement ring and wedding rings to more people. At Rivoli we work with couples and lots of brave men by themselves to design rings from scratch or around existing pieces of jewellery. Whether you already have a diamond or gemstone that you would like to use in the engagement ring, a specific style in mind or maybe an idea that evokes memories of a special time together we work with you to create the perfect engagement ring. From design though to creation, a bespoke engagement ring takes approximately 4-6 weeks to create. Rivoli is able to work within any budget for bespoke designs.


Rivoli Halo Engagement Ring (Available in various sizes).

Rivoli Halo Engagement Ring (Available in various sizes).

Rivoli Love Heart Solitaire Engagement Ring.jpg

Rivoli Love Heart Engagement Ring (Available in various sizes).

Rivoli Jewellers in based in Jersey Channel Islands. Rivoli was the winner of the 2019 UK Jewellery Award for Bridal Jewellery Retailer of the Year. All prices are 15% less than UK RRP with an extra saving of 5% available to visitors to the islands though the Jersey Visitor GST Refund Scheme