Finding Nemo and Dory with Swarovski

As if the launch of Belle and her stunning Enchanted Rose weren't enough for 2017, Swarovski have excelled in the production of the super cute pair of fish from the popular Disney films, Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. 

Collectors will love this authentic and detailed representation of the much-loved character Nemo. This lovable Clownfish has been expertly crafted in vibrant orange, black, and clear Swarovski crystal with 167 sparkling facets. The coral-inspired stand is crafted purely from Swarovski crystal too as you would expect.

Swarovski Finding Nemo_5252051.jpg

Swarovski Disney Nemo, UK Price: £129 / Swarovski Jersey: £107.61

Swarovski Finding Dory_5252048.jpg

Swarovski Disney Dory UK Price: £200 / Swarovski Jersey : £166.66

The lovable Regal Tang fish, Dory, has been expertly crafted in vibrant shades of blue and yellow Swarovski crystal with a coral-inspired, clear crystal base and a total of 113 sparkling facets.

Both pieces would make a charming addition to any Disney collection.

For those of you who haven't fallen in love with these little characters, we hope you enjoy the Finding Dory trailer!

Available online or in store from Swarovski Jersey now. All prices VAT free, saving you 20% on the UK RRP.