Garmin MARQ Arrives at Rivoli

Garmin has taken smartwatches to a new level with the MARQ® range, launched at the end of 2019.

Featuring six different models including the MARQ® Driver, Aviator, Captain, Commander, Athlete and Adventurer there is a model for everyone whether you are a racing driver, pilot, sailor or enthusiast.

The number of features in each model is breathtaking. The MARQ® Aviator features include for example the worldwide aeronautical database and Direct-to emergency navigation, NEXRAD weather radar and Garmin avionics integration ensure you’re always in the pilot’s seat. A mirror-polished 24-hour GMT bezel and two additional time zones record your extensive travels. And the luminous, swept-wing titanium bracelet fits with precision — even when times are turbulent. With each takeoff, it shows where you’re headed. Along the way, it shows you’ve arrived.

The MARQ® Captain is designed for people with a passion for life at sea. It has advanced nautical and smart features that you simply won’t find in a traditional timepiece. A revolutionary regatta timer enhanced with GPS technology pinpoints the start like never before. Tack assist and a man overboard button are designed for those who live life at the helm. And exquisite nautical details, such as a navy ceramic bezel and jacquard-weave strap made by artisans in the south of France, place you oceans ahead of your nearest competition. For the master tactician who delivers exceptional performance in any condition, there is no better fit.

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The GARMIN MARQ® range is available exclusively to Rivoli Jewellers in Jersey. All prices are VAT free and we offer free UK shipping.