Gemstone Feature: Rhodolite Garnet

A beautiful light purplish red colour, Rhodolite Garnet is also known as Grape Garnet. Garnets are usually very durable which means that this gemstone is resistant to damage and is ideal for rings.

Found in Africa, Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Russia, USA, the Garnet has some unusual folklore attached to it - In the middle ages people believed that it could strengthen the heart and cure sadness when ground up and eaten! Garnet is also said to have great healing properties and is the birthstone for January. 

The name garnet is derived from the Latin name granatum – meaning pomegranate because of the strong resemblance of the crystals to the seeds of pomegranate!



Rhodolite Garnet Ring, 18ct Gold - Approx UK Price: £1,709 Our Price: £1,423.80

A beautiful 18ct gold ring set with a purplish red rhodolite garnet. This ring has a very luxurious look and feel.

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