Lalique Edelweiss Collection

It seemed a bit strange at first that a company as French as Lalique would launch a new range featuring Edelweiss, a flower which is quite often seen as the national flower of Austria and Switzerland. However there is a folklore associated with the Edelweiss in which it is stated that giving this flower as a gift is a promise of dedication making this new range from Lalique the perfect gift for loved ones on weddings, engagments and anniversaries.  The Edelweiss is quite often also used as a symbol of purity something which Lalique and its craftmen know a lot about too. So all in all a perfect match!



Lalique Edelweiss Vase 10412400.jpg

Lalique Edelweiss Vase, £208.33

Lalique Edelweiss Bowl 10412600.jpg

Lalique Edelweiss Bowl,  £108.52

Lalique Edelweiss Flat Bowl

Lalique Edelweiss Flat Bowl, £75.00

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