Lalique Provence

Lovers of LALIQUE will be delighted by this new collection inspired  by the landscapes of Provence in the South East of France.

LALIQUE cyrstal is legendary and its craftsmanship commands respect and admiration. Over the years, LALIQUE has become more than just a name; it has become the powerful icon of exceptional know-how, a synonym for excellence, and a style characterized by their ability to contrast crystal and satin finishes. Whilst each piece is steeped in heritage, the designs are also very contemporary.

In this new dreamlike collection the artists have been inspired by motifs of golden fields, bees and stylised honeycombs the patterns of which have been carved into crystal.

Lalique Rayons-gold-leaves-vase.jpg

The wax honeycombs built by bees to store their honey supply has amazed architects with the complexity and sophisticated structure of their design. Their fascinating beauty has inspired LALIQUE, culminating with the creation of the Rayons vases and bowls in clear or honey-like gold luster crystal. Exhibiting angles and curves, strength and grace, and satin and clear finishes, emblematic of LALIQUE, these true sculptures of light evoke a striking modernity.

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