Luminox Launches ANU 4200 Series

Luminox, the Swiss Made ‘fit for purpose’ watch brand stocked by Rivoli Jewellers has partnered with the world’s toughest maritime commandos to develop and refine a series of watches that are strong enough to withstand the demands of life as a US Navy SEAL. The ANU (Authorized for Navy Use) watch series results from 20 years of research and development to produce a watch that meets and exceeds the demands of the elite US naval commandos.

In World War II, if an item of diving equipment did not feature on the ANU list, then it was not used. The ANU list remains, to this day, a concise list of rigorously tested and approved items that have been deemed to be of suitably high standard to be used by the US Navy Seals.

Luminox’s ANU 4200 series was conceived due to the ongoing and historic input of the US Navy and is now manufactured in a manner that leverages the most advanced technology possible. Whether under the sea, in the air or on dry land, the ANU series can withstand the toughest conditions and continues to accurately perform whilst being completely unaffected by high or low pressure.

Luminox A4221CW.jpg

A.4221.CW UK RRP £535 (Rivoli Jewellers £445) Available with a robust embossed rubber or reinforced canvas strap, each model is Swiss Made and crafted from black ion plating. Tough, powerful and accurate, these watches are visible in any light, retain accuracy in any weather conditions and are designed to suit the toughest of professions.

Luminox A4221.jpg

The ANU 4200 series start from UK RRP: £535 (Rivoli Jewellers, £445)

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