Luminox Recon Point Man

Luminox Recon Point Man – The perfect Boy Scout

Every reconnaissance team needs a leader, and that leader, the Point Man, needs certain tools—the Essential Gear that will help him navigate the terrain and keep his team on target and out of danger. Luminox, maker of Essential Gear timepieces that are relied on and requested by elite military and law enforcement groups around the world, answers the call with the first watch in its all-new RECON Series, which launched in 2011.

Designed in collaboration with former Swiss Army Military Security NCO Andrea Micheli, an internationally recognized law enforcement and military journalist and shooting instructor, the Swiss-made Point Man watch and future watch introductions in the RECON Series address the needs of military personnel for analogue watches that can also be used as simple and efficient navigation tools on the ground.

The Luminox Point Man watch is ideal for recon missions of all kinds. The combination of a black carbon-reinforced polycarbonate case, ratcheting dive bezel with black aluminium ring, and black dial creates a stealth look. The graduated turning bezel and the contrast-colour countdown quadrant of the dial can be used to time manoeuvres. The bezel’s compass rose helps to establish the wearer’s position. The antireflective sapphire crystal is scratch resistant. And the watch is powered by an always reliable and precise Ronda quartz movement.

Special Features

Sundial: The Luminox Point Man can be used to determine bearings whenever the sun is visible. Simply point the hour hand in the direction of the sun, then, on the dial, locate the shortest distance between the hour hand and 12. The halfway point of that segment will indicate South (when the wearer’s location is in the Northern Hemisphere) or North (in the Southern Hemisphere).

Speed Walking: In addition, the Luminox Point Man offers a tachymeter scaled to measure walking speeds. Most tachymeters are scaled to measure driving speed (60 mph and higher) and distance, but this is useless for gauging walking speed and distance. The Point Man, with its specially marked concentric tachymetric scales, allows readout of average walking speeds. Simply time how long it takes to walk 50 meters (164 feet), and read off the corresponding speed in miles per hour or in kilometres per hour.

Always Visible: The essential elements of the Luminox Point Man’s dial are always visible, thanks to Luminox Light Technology, a self-powered illumination system that uses micro gas tubes of different colours mounted on the hands, markers and bezel of the watch. The proprietary system glows brightly and constantly for up to 25 years, so the time can always be read, regardless of lighting conditions.

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RECON Series watches are packaged in military-style MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) units that double as sunglass cases. And, like all Luminox watches, RECON Series watches are Swiss Made.

The Luminox Point Man is available online and at Rivoli Jewellers, 41/43 King Street, St Helier Jersey JE2 4WF