New Service at Rivoli - Pearl Restringing

We've added  a new string to our bow this month at Rivoli Jewellers in Jersey. We are now able to offer Pearl Restringing in store. A pearl necklace or bracelet should be restrung every 12 to 18 months and preferably knotted between each pearl as added security should the silk break.  Prices from £15 for a bracelet and £25 for necklaces.

Pearl Restringing at Rivoli Jewellers.jpg

The pearl restringing service is a new addition to our extensive Jewellery Repair services offered in store. If you have white gold jewellery that is looking dull and slightly yellow, we offer an in house rhodium plating service that will bring the bright white shine back to your jewellery as well as ring polishing for platinum, silver and gold rings. We offer Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaning using specialist ultrasonic cleaning methods to lift dirt and clean your jewellery (Drop your diamond rings in to the shop and we'll clean them for your free of charge whilst you wait.!)

Pearl Restringing_Web.jpg

At Rivoli we can undertake all manner of jewellery repairs as well as ring resizing and stone resetting our experienced team will assess your jewellery and provide you with a quote for the repair.

Our team are also experienced in transforming family heirloom jewels into modern, and meaningful designs. Whether you want to remodel old jewellery pieces into a sparkling engagement ring or reset old jewellery into a more modern setting, please come in and have a chat with the team at Rivoli.

To find out more about our jewellery repair services, please click here.