Nomination Italian Charms now online

As one of the UK's bestselling charm collections, we are delighted to have the fantastic Italian brand, Nomination, now online.

The idea for Nomination Composable charms came from Paolo Gensini in the small town of Sesto Fiorentino, near Florence Italy who was looking to create a fashion accessory capable of expressing the wearers personality, values, passions, politics, secrets and sensibilities.

Intrigued by the customisable aspect of traditional charm bracelets, Gensini designed a modular or ‘composable’ bracelet comprised of a series of links. Connected by a spring-loaded mechanism, each segment could be filled (and replaced), one by one, with a different decorative design. Fashioned out of high quality stainless steel, the pieces were guaranteed never to tarnish or fade.

All of the Nomination charms online are designed to fit the standard Nomination bracelets. A medium size bracelet would be made up of 19 composable links. Plain links are available from just 61p (Nomination Guidelines will only let use sell 5 plain links per transaction)

Making up a Nomination Composable Bracelet
Further information regarding how to put together your Nomination Composable Bracelet can be found here. There are also a lot of clips on YouTube showing you how to clip your Nomination Composable Bracelet together.

Rivoli Jewellers has a large selection of Nomination Italy charms in store and online all available at VAT free prices. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to call us on 01534 601930 or email us.

Rivoli Jewellers prices are 20% less that the UK RRP. Free standard shipping to the UK.