Swarovski Aura Perfume

Swarovski Aura Valentines Gift Sets are now in store at our Swarovski Boutique.

Treat your loved one this Valentines with an Aura Gift Set. 50ml Aura by Swarovski Perfume and Swarovski Make Up Jewel set with genuine and exclusive Swarovski crystals all in a lovely make up bag- £41.95.

About Aura by Swarovski
Through crystal Swarovski creates an AURA of Light…
The starting point of the collection was of course the crystal, cut and faceted with Swarovski’s exclusive know-how, captures light, diffracts it and sheds it in a thousand and one luminous vibrations. The signature scent of Aura by Swarovski is directly inspired by this magic.

At the heart of the fragrance is a prism of energy, a fusion of amber, benzoin, and white musk. Three pure and noble scents become charged with energy, transforming into more intense, luminous rays of clear light.
The make-up jewel is set with genuine and exclusive Swarovski crystals.
Crystal transforms into a luminescent make-up jewel. A texture enriched with genuine micronized “Swarovski Crystal” and iridescent Crystal Shine powder, for lips that shine with dazzling radiance.

Available while stocks last. Please call 01534 722904. Enjoy VAT Free Shopping.