Swarovski Casual Chic in Demin

Swarovski has been well known for its special occasion wear however it is the casual colletions that have been making waves this summer. Denim is an absolute must-have for everyone and a fabric that never goes out of style. Everyone has at least one, or two, or three pairs of jeans in various different cuts and colours.

This season denim jeans come in every shade from stone-washed to indigo. Combine them with a simple white t-shirt, sweater or a jeans jacket for a touch of casual chic.

Classy and colourful pendants and necklaces from the Swarovski Abstract, Swarovski Asset and Swarovski Paralelle families perfectly match this trendy every day look. 



Add some casual chic and some irresistible sparkle to your everyday look with this floral design

Swarovski Asset Necklace - Swarovski Jersey Price - £66.61, UK RRP £79.00

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