Swarovski Limited Edition 2014

Fans of Swarovski Disney pieces will be delighted with the 2014 Limited Edition, Sorcerer Mickey Mouse. Whist it is not the first Sorcerer Mickey that Swarovski has produced (2009 Sorcerer Mickey), this one holds a fantastic star arc and shines in Light Siam crystal (my favourite colour in crystal) with a clear face and hands.

Sorcerer Mickey first appeared in the acclaimed animated dialogue-free 1940 Disney film Fantasia where Mickey Mouse plays the apprentice and becomes known as Sorcerer Mickey.



Scorcer Mickey 2014


Approximate size: 12.7 x 14 x 7.4 cm

Like all Swarovski Disney Limited Editions this piece is only available in 2014.


Retired. 2009 Sorcerer Mickey by Swarovski


Retired. 2009 Sorcerer Mickey (large) by Swarovski