Swarovski Mirror Collection by Arran Gregory

We are delighted to finally have in store at Swarovski Jersey the long awaited Mirror Nature Collection by Arran Gregory. Beautiful works of art from a British artist with a background in graphic design. 

The Arran Gregory Mirror Nature Collection explores the raw beauty of nature and how it can be shaped and balanced in intriguing new ways through Swarovski crystal and craftsmanship.

His sculptural and printed artworks experiment with form, structure, reduction and dimension and it seems like such an obvious yet exciting collaboration with Swarovski. Having recently exhibited with the Royal Academy, Arran Gregory's work has also appeared in exhibitions across the UK, France, Berlin, and Tokyo.

Simple lines and sketches unfold into an epic tale about each of these wild animals in the Swarovski collection. In creating such interpretative pieces, the artist reveals his long-standing fascination with the natural world, its mysterious strength and the connections we have to it.

The collection is very contemporary and would look fantastic in minimalist homes as well as in the homes of avid Swarovski collectors. The effect of the mirrored Swarovski crystal is spectacular. 

Available now online or in store from Swarovski Jersey. All prices are VAT free. 

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