Swarovski SCS 2018 Giraffe Mudiwa

It's that time of year when we get very excited to see what the new Swarovski Crystal Society pieces are going to be for the year ahead and this year is no exception.  Swarovski have launched the new SCS collection for 2018 featuring Giraffe Mudiwa, Baby Giraffe, a Gazelle and a Vervet Monkey as the special Event Exclusive piece.

Inspired by the wild beauty of the African Serengeti, Swarovski’s exclusive Crystal Creations collection celebrates nature at its most brilliant.

Martin Zendrons depiction of the graceful Giraffe sparkling with 651 facets of expertly-cut crystal and features a special fading effect to emulate the fur pattern of the animal. The design has been titled Mudiwa, which means ‘beloved one’ in the Africa language of Shona. The base of the piece is engraved with this name, the Swarovski logo, the designer Martin Zendron’s initials, and 2018, the year of issue.

Display this breathtaking piece together with the SCS Baby Giraffe to create a charming family scene.

Giraffe Mudiwa 5301550.jpg

Giraffe Mudiwa 5301550, £266.66

Baby Giraffe 5302151.jpg

Baby Giraffe 5302151, £166.66

The Gazelle 5301551.jpg

The Gazelle 5301551, £133.33

Vervet Monkey.jpg

Vervet Monkey, £58.09

The Vervet Monkey will be available in store (and for telephone orders) during special Swarovski SCS in store events. Don't miss out on these exclusive pieces which are only available twice a year whilst stocks last. 

The Leopard 5301567.jpg

The Leopard 2018

A technical masterpiece from Swarovski this limited edition leopard in Dark Indigo crystal is only available in 2018 to SCS members and is limited to just 1,000 pieces worldwide. If you are interested in this piece, please contact the Swarovski store in Jersey on 01534 722904 or email [email protected]

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