Tribal Glam by Swarovski

The fantastic Swarovski collections this summer have influences from the worlds of contemporary arts, traditional crafts, different cultures and nature that leaves a vivid expression on this season’s jewellery from Swarovski. But it’s not only the jewellery that is influenced by Tribal Glam. The Silver Crystal collections feature Jaguars with beautiful prints in Jet or Golden Shine crystal, Lions and their cubs in pure crystal and the delicate Doe and Fawn set.

The jewellery collections feature warm gold precious metals., handwoven leather cords and tassles all of which are highlighted with beautiful Swarovski crystal.




Swarovski Airy Pendant

Swarovski Airy Necklace

This trendy necklace sparkles in a warm palette of earth tones. The fringes in mixed metal platings capture the urban tribal look with a feminine twist. Add the Airy pierced earrings for extra effect.

Our Price: £99.95 plus GST in Jersey

Swarovski Slake Bracelet Gold

Swarovski Slake Bracelet Gold

This chic bracelet combines easily with different looks, from casual to elegant. Crafted in golden Alcantara fabric, it sparkles with light crystal colours and gold-plated metal. The closure consists of two snap buttons, allowing you to adjust the size for a comfortable fit.

Our Price: £49.47 plus GST in Jersey

Swarovski Circle Pendant, gold-plated

Swarovski Circle Pendant, gold-plated

An essential piece of jewellery. A symbol of infinity, this pendant is a real classic. The golden sheen of the outer ring offsets the glitter of the inner circle sporting clear crystals set in pave.

Our Price: £57.09 plus GST in Jersey

Style yourself with Jewellery
Earlier this season, Swarovski invited Spanish fashion blogger Priscila to host the new episode of the "Style yourself with jewelry" video series about Tribal Glam inspired jewellery. All products are available on at VAT Free prices for everyone. You can also discover more  inspiration for jewellery styling on WINK, the blog of Swarovski Creative Director Nathalie Colin