Colour Party Coloured Gemstone Event

Do you love coloured gemstones? Whether you're a fan of classic sapphires, emeralds and rubies, incredibly rare tanzanite or the rainbow of colours available in tourmaline, we'll have the right pieces in store for you at our next colour party. Saturday 12th October see's us hold our second gemstone event of the year featuring beautiful guest collections as well as our own.

Rivoli Jewellers_Emerald Ring.jpg

18ct Emerald and Diamond Ring, Guest Collection

Rivoli Jewellers_Fire Opal and Diamond Ring.jpg

18ct Fire Opal and Diamond Ring, Guest Collection

Rivoli Jewellers_Tanzanite and Diamond Ring.jpg

18ct Tanzanite and Diamond Ring, Guest Collection

Rivoli Jewellers_Purple Sapphire and Diamond Ring.jpg

18ct Purple Sapphire and Diamond Ring, Guest Collection

Rivoli will have a large collection of rings, pendants and earrings in store especially for the weekend, so if you are looking to buy a piece this year for a special birthday or anniversary now is the time to come and try.

Rivoli Jewellers, Jersey is VAT Free.

For further information, please contact Rivoli on 01534 601930.

Garmin Lands At Rivoli

Feature: Gallery Magazine, Jersey - October 2019 by Bex Evans.

We’re a sporty and competitive lot here in Jersey; it often seems like we can’t move on a weekend morning without weaving between lycra-clad sports enthusiasts dashing around the Island on two feet or two wheels, race number proudly pinned on for all to see.

As I write this in September we’ve seen the Breca Swimrun, Spartans half marathon and Superleague Triathlon take place, to name a few, and in October we have one of the biggest events on Jersey’s sporting calendar, the Standard Chartered Jersey Marathon takes place on the 6th.

Stand beside any start line and you see people of all shapes and sizes, some confidently placed at the front of the pack while some hover nervously behind. Some are seasoned athletes to whom this is just another event, and others are undertaking the challenge of a lifetime. The one thing that they all seem to have in common though is the bowed head and wrist raised to chest height, everyone poised to start their sports watch ticking the second the starting gun sounds.
When it comes to these essential bits of kit, Garmin have long been the market front-runner, with a loyal and fast-growing following worldwide, so I’m very pleased to report that we too can now try, and buy, these smartest of smart watches right here in Jersey from our friendly local (and award winning*) jeweller Rivoli.

Whether it’s the Marathon, the Itex walk – sorry TMF, we’re never going to call it anything else – or the Lions Swimarathon that you’re taking part in, then Rivoli have got the Garmin for you.

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Sapphire
The Fenix 5 plus is a serious watch for a series sportsperson, and capable of tracking just about any activity you can imagine. In addition to all the usual features that you’d expect from any half-decent sports watch (step counter, calorie counter, GPS route tracking and heart rate monitor) the Fenix 5 Plus is packed with additional capabilities, just a few of which I have space to detail here;

•    Mapping and Navigation - Whether getting active close to home or somewhere brand new, built-in full-colour mapping and navigation aids keep you on track and oriented.

•    Advanced Performance Metrics - Monitor your fitness level and track form improvements with physiological metrics, running dynamics and anaerobic training effect monitor.

•    Connectivity – Pair with a compatible device through the Garmin Connect app and access a wealth of personal stats, free training plans and health measurements, in addition to text notifications, weather alerts, calendar entries and workout prompts right to your wrist.

•    Music Storage – Don’t sacrifice your personal soundtrack on those days that you leave your phone at home. Fenix 5 Plus can store up to 1000 tracks and links directly to your favourite Bluetooth headphones.

•    Garmin Pay – Garmin Pay contactless payments eliminates the problem of needing to carry a card or cash during your activities. Grab a post-swim coffee, or a bus-ride home from your long run without a care in the world.

•    Emergency Assistance – The Fenix 5 Plus comes complete with peace of mind. The brilliant emergency assistance feature will automatically send your real-time location to preselected emergency contacts should an incident be detected mid run, hike, or bike activity.

All of this and much more is available from £525 at Rivoli. Pop in anytime for a full demonstration.

Garmin Vivomove HR
If like me you’re more of a Parkrun plodder than a PB chaser, but you’re still interested in tracking your movements and general wellness, then the Vivomove HR is probably the sports watch for you.
Beautifully designed to hit the middle ground between sports gear and fashion watch, there are no chunky bezels, clashing colours or confusing buttons here. The clean and simple analogue face hides a touchscreen display which only appears at the flick of a wrist, and real ticking hands that glide magically out of the way whilst you toggle screens.

Proving that looks can be deceiving, this sports watch in disguise still packs in plenty of features;

•    Auto Goal – Acknowledging that we are all different, Vivomove HR will learn your daily activity levels and set personal step goals to keep you motivated.

•    Sleep Monitoring – With a strap comfy enough to keep on overnight, the sleep monitoring function uses heart rate data to measure on how much good sleep you’re getting, and when.

•    Fitness Monitoring – The same HR monitor that scans your shuteye provides insight into your general fitness levels, a VO2 max estimate and your fitness age. Exercise regularly and aim to bring this latter down.

•    Stress Tracking – We all get stressed from time to time, but Vivomove HR data will track when, and for how long, prompting you to change patterns, take breaks and relax where necessary.

•    Connectivity – Like big brother Fenix, Vivomove connects seamlessly to your smartphone and allows for auto data uploads, discreet notifications and music control on the move.

The Vivomove HR starts from £131.00 at Rivoli. Pop in anytime for a full demonstration.

Garmin In-Store Promotion
To celebrate the launch of Garmin at Rivoli, pop into store for a demonstration with Managing Director, Garmin Ambassador & appropriately named Runner David Speed before Monday 7th October and be in with a chance to win a Garmin watch of your choice!

(*Rivoli are well-deserved winners of the UK Jewellery Award for Bridal Jewellery Retailer 2019. If there’s someone running laps around your heart, make tracks for Rivoli when the time comes to make that once in a lifetime purchase)

Garmin In-Store Promotion
To celebrate the launch of Garmin at Rivoli, pop into store for a demonstration with Managing Director, Garmin Ambassador & appropriately named Runner David Speed before Monday 7th October and be in with a chance to win a Garmin watch of your choice!

(*Rivoli are well-deserved winners of the UK Jewellery Award for Bridal Jewellery Retailer 2019. If there’s someone running laps around your heart, make tracks for Rivoli when the time comes to make that once in a lifetime purchase)

Engagement Ring Trends 2019

As winners of the UK Jewellery Award for Bridal Jewellery Retailer of the Year 2019, Rivoli Jewellers Jersey is well placed to advise on engagement ring trends.

Our team of in store at Rivoli in Jersey believe that whilst the solitaire engagement ring will continue to be a firm favourite amongst younger couples, the halo ring with its vintage feel and trilogy rings which are popular with the 35 year + age groups continue to do well. Bespoke rings which allow couples to get creative and design the ring of their dreams featuring diamonds or coloured gemstones alongside our in-house designer are growing in popularity.

Rivoli Love Heart Collection – Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings
In 2018, Rivoli launched the Rivoli Love Heart Collection. The Love Heart collection, designed by in-house designer Deb Macklin, features 18ct gold and platinum British made solitaire engagement rings with a heart setting cradling the diamond. A unique feature that adds even more romance to the diamond engagement ring.

Halo Diamond Engagement Rings
Halo engagement rings are a classic and aren’t going anywhere, they are elegant and sophisticated and offer a lot of sparkle and style. A halo design features a single central diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds, adding extra sparkle and creating a style that is similar to vintage engagement rings.

Trilogy Engagement Rings
Trilogy engagement rings represent past, present and future and are popular with couples who’ve had long engagements or have been together for a long time before finally tying the knot!

Whilst most trilogy engagement rings feature three diamonds, a variety of gemstones such sapphires and rubies can be set as the centre stone or side stones with sapphires being particularly popular at the moment.

Bespoke Rings – Design your own engagement rings
The personalisation trend has been gathering steam over the past few years and has opened up the idea of designing your own engagement ring and wedding rings to more people. At Rivoli we work with couples and lots of brave men by themselves to design rings from scratch or around existing pieces of jewellery. Whether you already have a diamond or gemstone that you would like to use in the engagement ring, a specific style in mind or maybe an idea that evokes memories of a special time together we work with you to create the perfect engagement ring. From design though to creation, a bespoke engagement ring takes approximately 4-6 weeks to create. Rivoli is able to work within any budget for bespoke designs.


Rivoli Halo Engagement Ring (Available in various sizes).

Rivoli Halo Engagement Ring (Available in various sizes).

Rivoli Love Heart Solitaire Engagement Ring.jpg

Rivoli Love Heart Engagement Ring (Available in various sizes).

Rivoli Jewellers in based in Jersey Channel Islands. Rivoli was the winner of the 2019 UK Jewellery Award for Bridal Jewellery Retailer of the Year. All prices are 15% less than UK RRP with an extra saving of 5% available to visitors to the islands though the Jersey Visitor GST Refund Scheme

British Brands Event


Join us in Rivoli Jewellers on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th July to drink a glass of Pimms and celebrate our amazing array of British jewellery and watch brands. With discounts, gifts with purchase and special competitions this is an event not to be missed.


From Shaun Leane to Kit Heath, Clogau, Jersey Pearl, Elliot Brown watches as well as our own Rivoli Centre Ville collections, there'll be something in store for everyone.

Bridal Jewellery Retailer of the Year 2019

Rivoli Jewellers Jersey has won a coveted UK Jewellery Award.

Bridal Jewellery Retailer of the Year 2019

The results of the UK Jewellery Awards 2019 were revealed on 3rd July at the Artillery Gardens, London where the jewellery industry elite came together for a night of recognition and celebration of the sector’s achievements.

Rivoli has won in the Bridal Jewellery Retailer of the Year category and was praised by Retail Jeweller’s expert judging panel for “taking steps to fully immerse their customers in the wedding journey. It was this level of commitment combined with a near perfect mystery shop score, that sees them crowned as a deserving winner in a competitive category.”

With 19 targeted categories, the awards cover every aspect of the jewellery industry, from Young Jewellery Designer of the Year to Ethical Jewellery Business of the Year.  

The UK Jewellery Awards are the most admired and relevant awards in the jewellery and watch industry and provide trade recognition and unrivalled networking opportunities.

Ruth Faulkner, Editor, Retail Jeweller, said:

“As ever, this year’s UK Jewellery Awards proved to be the premium night in the trade’s calendar with over 600 of the very best in the business in attendance to celebrate their achievements of the last 12 months and network with industry peers.

“it has been another challenging year for the UK and Channel Island high streets but, we must not be despondent.  Those who innovate continue to thrive and at the judging for this year’s awards, it was heartening to see so many businesses doing just that.

“The companies we celebrated at this year’s UK Jewellery Awards from across all areas of the industry and the supply chain must be applauded as the leading lights in our sector. So, to all our finalists and winners. Congratulations, they really are the very best in the business.

Bridal Jewellery Retailer of the Year_2019.jpg

David Speed, Managing Director, Rivoli Jewellers commented:

“The team at Rivoli were all thrilled to receive this award especially in the bridal category.  Working with couples from the engagement ring purchase through to wedding and eternity rings is a privilege. Whether we are designing the jewellery for them or finding the perfect fit, our customers are a pleasure to serve and to be recognised on a national level through the UK Jewellery Awards is simply fantastic. We have enjoyed flying the flag for Jersey!”