X by Trollbeads - A new phenomenon!

You’d expect the creator of the “bead on a bracelet” phenomenon to eventually design something else that might take the world by storm in the same way that Trolbeads and Pandora have over the past five years and finally Lise Aagaard in a collaboration with a whole host of designers has come up with X by Trollbeads.

The X Collection is a completely new and unique way for people to personalise a bracelet. The breadth and diversity of X links in the range means that people will be able to create their own meanings and statements, building something that reflects their own personality and individual tastes.

The bracelets can be made up in various materials starting with the rubber links which whilst adding a bit of style and fun to the bracelet can also be used whilst you build up a full bracelet of Sterling Silver, bronze or gold links. The X links ‘click’ together with a simple twist, without the need for a chain or a lock.

The X by Trollbeads Collection is now in store at Rivoli Jewellers, all at VAT Free Prices. Shipping to the UK available.


A X by Trollbeads bracelet designed by Kim Buck using rubber, sterling silver and bronze links.


A X by Trollbeads bracelet designed by Tomas Cenius using sterling silver links