Elliot Brown Acid Green Rubber Strap

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Product Code: STR-R11

One of our range of gorgeous custom-designed rubber straps. Made from premium acid-green rubber, this strap was specifically designed for sports, outdoors, and use in and on the water, as it doesn’t absorb water like leather or webbing, and isn’t as heavy as a metal bracelet. Breather lines moulded inside the strap are hand-traced contour lines from Tyneham Cap clear sweat and water, and allow your skin to breathe. Made from EPDM rubber, it’s silicone-free, and is unaffected by ozone, seawater, or UV. It’s also hypoallergenic, non-sticky (so it won’t pick up fluff from your garments) and is beautifully neutral to wear. Chamfered edges create a beautiful silhouette and help shirt-cuffs slide over your watch. The curved ends are designed to fit perfectly to any EB gents watch and surround moulded internal nylon inserts for strength. The 316L custom tongue buckle is secured to the strap by a screw-in bar. If you need an alternative colour buckle, please let us know, and we’ll change it over for you. The keepers are retained by tabs on the edges and a neat tapered ramp on the tip of the strap.

Article: Watch
Brand: Elliot Brown
Strap Style: Strap with Clasp