1.5ct Diamonfire 6 Claw Stud Earrings

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A classic piece of jewellery that no woman should be without. This pair of round brilliant cut cubic zirconias are framed to perfection in this timeless 6 claw setting. Each earring is 1.5ct in size. The Diamonfire Zirconia stone has been developed to be the most exclusive of all synthetic stones and just like diamonds, it is measured in carats. The secret behind its brilliant sparkle is the "Ideal Cut"; developed for diamonds to bring out maximum sparkle in every stone. Each Diamonfire stone is carefully weighed cut and polished just as a diamond is. The result is a flawless, sparkling stone with 57 facets that even a trained eye would find hard to distinguish from a natural diamond. Each Diamonfire stone is also certified according to the same criteria used for diamonds and comes in a luxury silk lined box.

Brand: Diamonfire
Carat: 3.00
Certification: Yes
Stone: Cubic Zirconia
Gender: Ladies
Material: Sterling Silver
Size: N