Swarovski Swarovski Kya Giraffe

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This exclusive statement piece shows two giraffes and is limited to 300 pieces. Only crafted on demand, each edition is engraved with its unique number. The stunning design is inspired by the beauty of the Serengeti National Park and the loving bond between a mother and baby. Sparkling with over 37'000 hand-set crystals and finished with a Dinoreal marble base, each piece takes Swarovski artisans 221 hours to complete. It is delivered in a premium blue suitcase with a certificate of authenticity, and the shipping procedure includes insurance and a delivery notice UK RRP £11,900 Swarovski Jersey is an official Swarovski Partner Boutique in Jersey, Channel Islands. All our prices are VAT and there are no additional taxes or duties due on items shipped to the UK Mainland.

Brand: Swarovski
Size: 12 3/8 x 7 3/4 x 4 5/8