Swarovski Anniversary Mouse Limited Edition 2020

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To celebrate 125 years of Swarovski sparkle we have looked back through our history and reinterpreted iconic pieces in a modern way. The Anniversary Mouse is the highlight of the collection as this is the first time that the Original Mouse also called the Ur-Mouse has been reintroduced since its ground-breaking inception in 1976. Exclusive to the year the base features a special engraving: “125 Years of Sparkle / 1895 - 2020”. 222 expertly cut crystal facets and a new Shimmer effect add even more brilliance and colour vibrancy. Black eyes and metal whiskers complete the playful design. Whether displayed alone or as part of a Swarovski collectors ensemble this replica is a pure delight to behold. Decoration object. Not a toy. Not suitable for children under 15.

Brand: Swarovski