Taxes and Duties - Our Price Policy

As a low tax and VAT free island, Jersey is an ideal place to shop. All our prices online are VAT Free and as such will be 20% less than the UK RRP (including VAT).

Customers in the UK will not incur any additional taxes on any products purchased from Rivoli Jewellers.
All UK taxes are pre-paid for you by Rivoli Jewellers. The total amount of your order, including all postage and costs such as packaging and delivery are displayed on the final screen of the online check out and on your order confirmation.

Customers in Jersey will be charged 5% GST, this will be added at the check out.

Postage costs will be charged at the check out.

In Store Pricing
All our prices in store in Jersey are VAT Free but include Jersey Goods and Services Tax (GST). For visitors shopping in store and returning to the UK we are part of the GST Visitors Refund Scheme. The purchase must be in excess of £300.00 (inclusive of GST). Please ask in store for details.